"365 SERVICE !! Elliott is awesome. Tax time can be stressful and confusing, but he makes you comfortable with the entire process. He takes the time to make sure you understand everything. He will help you explore all your options and set you up for financial success. You're treated like family and the entire office makes you feel welcome!!"
– M.M.

"The best boss I ever had! Was very understanding and helpful when I was going through a rough time and working for him. He's always straight forward and you always know where you stand with him as a person, and a boss. Even after leaving he's never steered me wrong on taxes or otherwise. I trust him completely business wise or with anything else. You can't go wrong working with or for this man!"
– J.L.

"Great service... very professional and caring staff... recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable tax professional"
– J.W.

"I recommend Mr. Hayes to anyone in need of a professional and knowledgeable accountant. He has done an outstanding job on my personal taxes and for the business people I have referred him to."
– J.W.

"Elliot has been my accountant for since 2006. He has a sharp eye for missing deductions and quickly contacts me for this information. Elliot has saved me money and done all the paper work for me. He's always there to answer my questions with a smile. Elliot assists his customers business grow by referring them to other business owners. He is a good friend and an excellent business person."
– S.L.

"Elliot Hayes is an outstanding professional that strives for the best for each of his clients. If you are looking for some assistance with your accounting and taxes he is the perfect person for the task. He is extremely knowledgeable with both and very personable!"
– T.D.

"2008 was a big year for me - I was working as a 1099, had just gotten married, and had just purchased a house. My husband and I decided we needed a professional to help us with our taxes. Elliot was very accessible, and was great at finding deductions that we never had considered before. He was very patient and easy to work with, even though I had done the best job of organizing my records. Before we went to Elliot, we had run our own numbers, and it looked like we would be writing the IRS a check, but it ended up that we got a nice refund. I highly recommend RBH!"
– E.C.

"I met Elliot at the Columbia Chamber and was impressed with his knowledge of tax code and impressed at his passion for his chosen profession. He really cares about his clients and does his best to help them. He currently reconciles our accounts and reports to us trends in our spending that we should know and watch. Little things that can be easily overlooked during the day to day in a small business. He goes above what other accountants do. He recently reviewed our tax returns for 2005 that were completed by another accountant and found that we had significantly over paid. I was unsure, but told him to proceed and see what he could do. He took the time to research the tax code and had all documentation to back up what he had told us. We were excited, but still not sure what would occur. His expertise and knowledge was confirmed when we received checks totaling over $50,000 back from the IRS and State of North Carolina. Needless to say, we were shocked that two other accountants looked over those returns and confirmed the large amount that we had to pay. We could not believe that we had over-paid by so much! I do not mind paying what I am responsible for, but to pay more than we are suppose to is not fair. Thanks to Elliot, we were given a refund."
– D.M.

"Elliot has got to be the best person I have ever dealt with when it comes to taxes. He really does go above and beyond his call of duty which makes me know he really does care about us. I (mistakenly) opened a fireworks stand. It failed so miserably I didn't even get my money back that was invested. Soon after the season ended (and vowed to never attempt that again) we started receiving letters from the department of revenue stating we owed them $5,000! Needless to say I freaked out and called Elliot. He already had all of my paperwork from the stand. He filed it, held on the phone for what seemed to be hours with them, reasoning/faxing/emailing corrected information. Elliot truthfully reduced the amount we owed. Elliot fixed my mistake. He didn't have to do all that, he could have easily said just go online and do it. But he didn't. He said I'll take care of it and boy did he. I hope he knows how much my family and I appreciate how well he cares for us. (yes I've told him)... I have been with Elliot for almost 5 years now and I will never go anywhere else. He is more than simply reliable or dependable. He is a master of his art through and through."
– O.D.

"We are so thankful to find a place we can trust to handle our more complicated accounting situations."
– S.P.

I own 2 businesses, numerous rental homes, and am a college professor. It’s a lot to keep up with. I keep it right with God & the IRS. I don’t want either one of them mad at me. God hasn't changed his rules since the beginning of time, but the IRS changes their rules constantly. ELLIOT HAYES REALLY KNOWS HIS STUFF! I don’t ever make a financial move without Elliot’s approval. His advice is priceless. His staff is friendly, curious, timely and efficient. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RBH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.
– D.D.

"Elliot D Hayes Jr is the man! Thnak you for getting my stuff done quickly so the kids didn't lose medicaid! You are my hero!!!!!"
– J.C.

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